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Compare protein powder
Compare protein powder

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Compare protein powder

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What is protein powder?

The powdered forms of protein coming from eggs, milk or plants (peas, soybeans, potatoes, soybeans or hemp) are called protein powder. The powders may have other components like artificial flavouring, added sugars, vitamins, thickeners and minerals. The quantity of protein in every scoop can range between 10 to 30 grams. The supplements utilised for muscle building consist of comparatively more amount of protein and those that are used for losing weight have relatively less amount of protein.

How to buy the best protein powder?

When looking to buy the best protein powder, you may ask around, visit stores and research the qualities of various types of protein powders available on the market. You may also check out several protein powder reviews.

At Compare protein Powder, we ensure you do not have to invest your time and energy doing so. We offer a detailed comparison of protein powder, depending on their brand, source and flavour.

Things to keep in mind when comparing protein powder:

Protein – The percentage of protein present in the product acts as a sound indicator of the protein purity of the product and its value as a protein supplement.

Grams/Serve – In case you have read protein powder reviews, you must have seen grams/serve mentioned and the suggested quantity. It shows the recommended serving size of a product. Since the body can absorb only around 30 grams of protein over a period of 3 hours. This is important to know as some products recommend a considerably huge serving size.

Fat – This is the amount of fat present in the product. It does not consider any beneficial fat in certain products.

Carbs – The total amount of carbs in the product is indicated by carbs. Complex carbs like fibre which is good for the body is included in it. Compare protein powder by checking the amount of carbs present in each powder.

Non-GMO – It is claimed by the product even though it may consist of trace additives that may not be Non-GMO.

Soy-Free – The product may claim to be soy-free. However, it may be manufactured on the same equipment that is used to make other products of soy.

All-Natural – If you go through protein powder reviews, you may come across the phrase, all-natural. A product with such a claim shows that no additives or artificial flavours have been added.  

+Enzymes – If the label displays this, it means that the product has digestive enzymes that help in absorbing the protein.

+Vitamins – The label with this written on it indicates that the product is enriched with vitamin.

Read protein powder reviews and compare protein powder on our website to know which product is the safest for you.